The Sports Specialist

At the Sports Specialist we offer a comprehensive range of services that are designed to enhance and maximise your fitness and sporting development, whatever your level of ability.

It is often very difficult to know what is best for your body, especially when it comes to fitness , diet and sport. So let us take that burden away from you and help you make the right decisions for your health.


What you eat and drink are vital to what you are, and what you may become. Optimum nutrition is about attaining a balance between the quality and quantity of the food you eat with the level of exercise or competition you perform.


Do you want to have the Edge? – Well, sports screening is the place to start. Learn what key elements your sport requires and how they can safely and effectively be addressed.


Personal Training at the Sports Specialist combines a wide range of training principles and up to date techniques to ensure focus, motivation and interest is continually maintained.


Training Schedule Management is about organising your training to enable you to optimise performance, reduce risk of injury and avoid the athlete’s nightmare – burn out!


How you place your foot on the ground, for most, is an unconscious task, but one that can have significant adverse effects if not performed correctly. The earlier a gait is assessed, and if necessary altered, the increased chance of improving performance and reducing  your chance of injury.


Prevent the potential for injury and improve recovery from training with a regular sports massage. When performed expertly, sports massage is a very useful therapy to reduce muscle tension and restore equilibrium to the muscular-skeletal system.


At the Sports Specialist, we offer expertise in the treatment and management of sporting injuries, including sprains, strains, back or neck problems, tennis elbow, sciatica, tendonitis and postural and work related problems.

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