Clement Windows

Clement Windows have had their head office in Haslemere for 100 years and although the organisation has expanded since those early days to include factories in mainland Europe and business partners in the USA the Clement family and their work colleagues will always consider Haslemere to be the centre of this successful company.

Clement’s design, manufacture and install bespoke steel windows and doors, the majority of what they produce is fitted in to high end country houses and historic buildings where only exact replica quality windows will suffice. These products although traditional in appearance provide tremendous thermal and security performance as well as reducing maintenance and sound. 2010 saw Clement’s installing steel windows in to the river elevation of the Savoy during the hotel’s recent much talked about restoration. This project alone is an indication of how well thought of Clement’s are in the construction industry….because at the Savoy only the very best will do !
Clement Windows Ltd,
Clement House,
GU27 1HR.
Tel: 01428 643393