Midlife Without a Map – Life and Business Coaching

Midlife without a Map has six coaches, who have unique insights into Life, Business, Career, Spiritual, Emotional, and Relationship issues.

At Midlife not only do we work with people to find new direction, we also work with holistic and small business owners to get to the next level. We look at what you have been doing to market your services, what systems if any you have in place, what business experience you have and work with you using tools and techniques that you can carry forward (basically you get a unique toolbox that is structured to the needs of your business) All the coaches at Midlife have extensive business knowledge and understand what it is like trying to work on and in your business at the same time ( you need eight arms and legs!)

 Midlife Without a Map.
1 Clevedon,
Ashfield Road,
West Sussex GU29 9FG
T: 01730 816320/ 077894 23240