Walk through the Serpent Trail

Your Guide To The Best And Most Scenic Walks Near Haslemere

We’re lucky to enjoy some of the best countryside in England, and Haslemere walks are some of the most beautiful in the country. Take in some fantastic views as you walk through the hills and heather and enjoy a spot of refreshment at a local pub or cafe. There are plenty of great routes, from quick jaunts to long treks – find the perfect route for your Haslemere walk from our favourites.

A trip round the Devil’s Punch Bowl – 4.5 miles

One of the most famous landmarks in the South is located only a short walk away from Haslemere. The Devil’s Punch Bowl is an enormous bowl-shaped valley, covered in heather, shrubs and young trees. Legend has it that the Punch Bowl was created by ancient giants or even the Devil himself. Either way, the site makes for a fantastic view that lets you see for miles on a clear day. You can seek out the memorial to the Unknown Sailor, who was murdered in the local area in the late 18th century, and whose gravestone is situated nearby.

The “Temple of the Winds” walk – 2.2 miles

The “Serpent Trail” is more than 60 miles long and winds its way from Haslemere to Petersfield. If you fancy a slightly shorter version of this route, we recommend following it out as far as the Black Downs, a stunning area of natural beauty. When he lived in Haslemere, Alfred Lord Tennyson fell in love with this walk, and we’re sure you will too. Enjoy some of the best views anywhere in the country from the carved stone seat at the hill’s summit.

The Greensand Way – 108 miles

Okay, you’re probably not planning to walk from Haslemere all the way to Kent. However, this long-distance footpath takes in some stunning views, and if you fancy a bit of a trek, we can recommend following the path as far as Witley. This is about a 10-mile round trip, and with the promise of a pub lunch at the other end this can be the perfect way to spend a day out. If you start feeling tired, just remember that the entire Greensand way was once completed in just 31 hours; a group of three men ran continuously from Haslemere to Kent back in 2018.

Getting out and about near Haslemere

We love these routes, and we think they represent some of the finest walking anywhere in the South. Spend some time rambling round Haslemere, and we’re sure you’ll agree with us!